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Why Your Child Needs a Virtual Tutor - Now

Whether you realize it or not, students were out of school for almost five months before returning to virtual or traditional school in 2020. For the past two years, they have been in and out of the classroom losing instructional time. Even if they had some sort of instruction, it was probably not as rigorous as it normally would be considering all the changes that were happening. When students are out of school for the summer, just two months, they have drastic learning gaps. Imagine what they are experiencing now.

Students are online entirely too long with 8 hours a day. This is bad for anyone’s health. Students and parents are having trouble with navigating the online world and do not feel supported in this.

Tutors can help show families how to navigate the space with showing them all the steps and the process.

Students may need remediation and reteaching that is not always available in the traditional virtual classroom in the moment. Teachers have to teach on grade level, not where students actually are.

Students may even need enrichment if they have been on track the entire time. Teachers in the classroom cannot always challenge students with whole or even small group instruction.

The truth is that your child can catch up on their learning with their own private, virtual tutor. Some parents cringe when they hear the words “virtual tutor”, but it’s honestly easier to navigate than you may think. We can teach you how to connect online through tutorials and training. On top of that, our tutoring intervention plans usually see improvements within two weeks with assessment scores of 80% or higher!

If you would like for your child to have their own personal tutor to meet their academic needs that cannot be met in the traditional or online classroom, then click here to find out how Limitless Learning International can best serve your family with our VIRTUAL TUTORING PROGRAM!


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