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Teachers Can't Reach Every Student

As much as your child’s teacher would like to reach each students’ needs individually, it is humanly impossible.

That’s typically the reason why you see students with software programs where they can work on specific skills.

While this can be effective, NOTHING tops having LIVE INTERACTIVE INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION to bring clarity and understanding of the content being explored.

Having both of these modalities in place can give students exactly what tool they need to make sense of what they are learning.

And sometimes they just need a tutor who loves and cares about their success cheering them along in their education.

Parents, are you looking for this?

Students in our tutoring program have access to . . .

* 1 Hour Live Online Tutoring Sessions Where Students Meet for 1 Hour Twice Each Week * FREE Access to Computer Software Programs and Resources for Continual Student Learning * Professional Parent Advocate at Your Service for Student Support * Email Homework Support from Tutors During Designated Office Hours * At Least 2 Direct Homework Assignments from Tutors Each Week

The doors to our tutoring program are NOW OPEN until December 15th.



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