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How to Get Your Students to Walks the Halls With Ease

It doesn’t matter how many times you “tell” your students what to do. Most successful learning requires APPLICATION (Lemov, 2010).

If that’s the case for instruction, then don’t you think it would be the same for behavior and classroom management?

As #educators, we sometimes assume students should just know certain things. Having this mentality may lead us to frustration because students are not meeting our expectations.

Ask yourself “have I physically shown my students what my expectations are for success in managing this classroom?”. 🤔

From my experience in working with teachers around the nation, I have found most of them have not done this.

They jump straight into teaching due to being afraid of losing learning time to meet all of the curriculum standards for the year.

Now think about how much time you lose dealing with student disruptions, redirections, write ups, additional parent conferences throughout the year.

It’s A LOT. I know. But what if you took the first two weeks of school to lay the foundation (in conjunction with instruction) and did a brief re-teaching after weekend and holiday breaks?

The time and energy you would save might bring back the JOY you once had in #teaching. ☺️

Here is ONE EXAMPLE of a routine you can do this within 1 minute of classroom time:



1. When the teacher says “line up”, students will be completely silent.

2. The teacher says “1”. Students will stand up quietly and push their chairs in. Chairs should be lifted into the correct position, not pushed.

3. The teacher says “2”. Students will step into their rows with their hands by their sides and mouths closed.

4. On the count of “3”, students will fall into line. One row at a time will begin to exit out of the door quietly. The last person out will shut the door and turn off the lights.

You will be surprised how many students will pick up on this routine with PRACTICE.

Stay tuned for the next post in which I will give vivid step by step details on how to teach your students how to line up!

Let me know if there are any specific routines you'd like me to cover that would help your classroom.

Signing Off,

The Classroom Management Guru 👩🏽‍🏫

P.S. Stay tuned for the teacher's notes to show you exactly how to teach your students this routine.


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