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Jasmine l Thomas

about the owner.

Mrs. Jasmine L. Thomas-Bridges, M. Ed. has been a full time entrepreneur in the educational world for over four years. She was a third and fourth grade teacher at Abney Elementary in Slidell, Louisiana. Prior to joining Abney, she was granted early acceptance into the Teach for America Corp Program, and taught second grade students at a KIPP School in Memphis, Tennessee. Before taking off to fulfill her calling, Jasmine completed her Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education with Endorsements in Mathematics, Reading, and Social Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi. She holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University and is currently enrolled at the same university working towards a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Students.


Limitless Learning International was something that Jasmine had in mind for many years as she tutored her own peers and community youth. She believes that her biggest calling is to minister to children in the field of education. Jasmine has a wealth of experience in the classroom as a general and special education teacher as well as an interventionist. She has even had the chance to teach in London, England at Flam Stead End School, which is rated by Oxford University as one of the top performing schools. Jasmine absolutely loves to help children in learning, but her biggest push is to give students the individualized instruction they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Aside from educating the youth, she enjoys spending time with her husband (our Financial Advisor, Torrel Bridges), shopping at Bath and Body Works (or anywhere), reading spiritual personal development books, working out at the gym, and making others laugh!

meet the staff.

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Doris Thomas

Jasmine's Loving and Supportive Mother

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Tekeisha Wright

Pre-K Teacher

Pre-K to Kindergarten Tutor

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Hillary Maltby

Grades 3-8 Math Teacher

Grades K-6 Tutor

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Torrel Bridges

Financial Advisor

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Karen Fitch

Kindergarten-Grade 2 Teacher

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Stacy Falkowski

Grades 3-8 ELA Teacher

Curriculum and Special Education

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Michael Kriesen

Grades 3-8 Social Studies/Science Teacher

Grades 7-12 ELA/SS Tutor