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How to Effectively Homeschool Your Child with Ease

Being in the middle of a pandemic has taught us one thing for sure...learning has to go on. As much as we might think COVID-19 will be over soon, it may actually be here longer than we would like. The key to thriving in helping your child receive the best education is to understand what homeschooling can do for your child. Even if you have your child in virtual school with a public or private institution, this blogpost will still help you work with them more effectively to grant them the best education possible.

What are the benefits of homeschooling your child?

Learning At Your Child’s Pace

First things first, you get to choose your child’s curriculum to learn. Wow! You have the freedom to decide what your child will learn. Having this power can set your child on the trajectory you would like to see them go down based on the future they would like to have. Another good thing about this that doesn’t happen in traditional schooling is that you can slow down or pick up the pace of learning. With almost thirty students in a classroom, teachers are forced to keep going to meet state standards and mastery or keep students who need enrichment on the same level. However, with homeschooling, you all have the option to determine how fast or slow your child should be introduced to standards.

Efficient Learning

What’s even better about homeschooling your child is how efficient the learning can be. With no distractions or worries about classroom management, your child can actually focus on the content and get the intervention (re-teaching) or enrichment (next-level learning) they need immediately. Instead of filling up the day with things that do not matter academically, your child can get exactly what they need each day and move on. As you and your child get the hang of things, you’ll notice your child progressing at a faster pace than they may n a full classroom. Statistically, homeschooling students are more likely to skip grade levels and attend college earlier than their peers in traditional schooling.

Take Time for the Things That Matter

Homeschooling your child allows you to create a schedule that is best for your family. This means you all can choose to learn during the day, night, or weekends. It allows you all to have the flexibility you need while still getting learning done. If you still have to work, want to vacation across the country, or stay up all night, you can still find time to keep your child’s learning on track. What’s neat about this is that you can bring your child to places they are studying and have them engaged in real-time learning from the actual experience, not a textbook. Your kiddos will appreciate this for sure!

Now that we have you all excited about homeschooling your child, here are a few tips that can help you be the most effective teacher they can have:

How to Unenroll Students from Traditional Schooling

Most states will have forms on their education website you can grab to unenroll them. They will want to know what curriculum you all have chosen to work with your child on. There are plenty of free resources out there you can use that will work best for your child’s academic level and goals.

Create a Master Schedule

Even if you have freedom and flexibility in scheduling, be sure to have a general schedule as to how things will go when you all do homeschooling. Stay focused on the general time you will spend on each subject area and what routines you all will have in place. This will keep your child on track and hold them accountable for their academic success.

Keep Your Child in Electives

Allow your child to have some fun and social interaction outside of course work. They need electives they can do from home, especially with us being in a pandemic. KidPass is a great resource with FREE Elective Classes that kids love! They have Karate, Dance, Chess, Sports, and anything else you can think of. They will have skilled instructors to give them classes they will enjoy and gain the tools and character development they need that will transfer over to their academics.

If you would like to have a support group to help your child have in a live, interactive, and fun online homeschooling program that will meet your child’s individual needs and push them further with their learning, then click here to join Limitless Learning International Homeschooling Support Group!


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