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Teacher and Student

300,000 teachers have left the educational system since February 2020.

That’s 3% of the entire workforce, with 50% of current teachers contemplating leaving the profession.

Wow! This is extremely alarming.

It’s so scary that the Federal Government is getting involved in the crisis.

Teacher Retention is not an easy fix, but there are STRATEGIES that we have thoroughly and implemented over the past 10+ years in education.

We are answering the call of duty with The Teacher Retention Project.

Inside of this undertaking, we are providing:

Data Driven Survey to Understand Baseline​ of Retention
Human Resources Total Strategic Revamp for Hiring, Onboarding, and Training​
Licensure Renovation on the State and/or District Level​
Monthly Personalized Feedback Touch Points with Districts​ and/or Schools
Professional Development Plan of Establishment & Implementation ​
Progress Monitoring to Celebrate and/or Shift​
Funding Opportunities to Propel Your School’s Project Forward​

If your school could use something like this to retain high quality teachers, then email us now for more information!

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