Schools across the nation are having to adjust to the changes COVID-19 has brought on. With students falling behind after five months of no direct, in-person instruction, and teachers are doing their best to close their learning gaps. They don’t have to do this alone. That is why Limitless Learning International exists to support student learning in the classroom and beyond with 



What We Do:

  • Coaching for School Leaders and Teachers

  • Teacher and School Leader Evaluations

  • Formal and Informal Observations

  • School Improvement Plans

  • General Education Lesson Plans

  • Special Education Lesson Plans

  • Intervention Lesson Plans

  • Tutoring Lesson Plans

  • Response to Intervention for Math and Reading

  • Positive Behavior Support Implementation

  • Classroom Management Plans

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Student Data Analysis

  • Student Feedback for Growth

  • Small Group Intervention

  • Differentiated Instruction for Math and Reading

  • Culturally Relevant Teaching

  • Equitable Teaching Practices

Who Are Our Rates:

We have a set Daily Rate of just $900/Virtual and $1500/In Person!

Send us an email at to register your district!