We now have a permanent location in the Picayune area! We are taking new students for Pearl River County.


"Where Learning Has No Limits"

We believe that learning has no limits for any child. We know that all children can and will learn. We do not place a cap on what students can accomplish in academics.


Individualized Learning

In today's classroom, the ratio among teachers to students is 1 to 25. Even the best teachers cannot reach students on an individual learning path. Limitless Learning International sets an individualized learning path for every child through data-driven instruction. This way, we can monitor just how much our students are growing.

Promised Progress

We cannot promise an instant growth spurt in learning. However, we guarantee that your child will progress after every single session. They will be able to show you a skill they can now perform to strengthen their weakness in a subject area.

Relationship Driven

We know that parents are their child's first teacher. Therefore, we strive to create a three-fold partnership between students, parents, and tutors. Communication and progress updates are our priorities, but we also work just as hard to build a positive, functioning relationship with all involved to ensure our students succeed.


Child Safety


Your child's safety is our number one priority! All tutoring and homeschooling sessions are now held SAFELY ONLINE, and parents are asked to stay with their children during the session.


Tutoring Structure 

We ask that parents be silent observers so that no instructional time is lost. ​Should we need your assistance and support with technical issues, behavior mishaps, or support materials, we will let you know. Please eliminate all background distractions so your child can FOCUS.

We ask that parents check their email at least ONE HOUR prior to the tutoring session. Your child will receive an email from their tutor of the work they will complete during the session. Please send over homework from school at least ONE HOUR in advance of the session. TIME IS EVERYTHING for student success.

Tutor/Teacher Backgrounds


All tutors and teachers have an array of teaching experiences. Our teachers and tutors go through an extensive interview and background check to ensure that your children are safe and have a nurturing learning environment.

Child Emotions

We love all of the children we serve. It is our mission to empower them and help their confidence expand. We know that sometimes they will have days where they are not their best. We will do our best to assist them. We forgive and move on to do better.