Do you just want an expert to show you how easy it is to really help your child with school while they are home and out of school so they don’t fall behind without feeling like you yourself need to go back to grade school?

We have the perfect solution for you!


We excel and help students improve in all subject areas for kindergarten through eighth-grade students, as well as saving you time and energy.

We want to really look after you because you and your child deserve a quality education, even from home, so that they won’t be behind due to school shutdowns.


We can support their learning and get them back on track and beyond with our online tutoring program!

In just 7-8 sessions, we can get your student from D's to B's, sometimes A's!

What We Do:


In today's classroom, the ratio among teachers to students is 1 to 25. Even the best teachers cannot reach students on an individual learning path. Limitless Learning International sets an individualized learning path for every child through data-driven instruction. This way, we can monitor just how much our students are growing.


We excel and help students improve in all subject areas for pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade students. We provide students with one-on-one direct instruction, done safely online, to ensure that students are engaged in their sessions and are able to progress, saving you time and energy. We want to really look after you because you and your child deserve quality education even from home.


Who We Are:


Our tutors are HIGH QUALITY with 5 to 35 years of experience. They are certified in their respective subjects including Math, Science, History, English Language Arts, Writing, and Reading. We also have qualified Special Education tutors/teachers that are able to work with students who are in need of these services. 


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What We Offer:


Limitless Learning International has many bonuses that make us unique from other online tutoring programs. We offer:

  • We have assessments to track where your students are academically instead of just guessing and following a plan you really don’t understand.

  • We have an intensive package that targets your child’s specific needs so that we can streamline your effort to serve your child and save your sanity.

  • We support parents by providing a homework answer key, so there’s no guessing on your part and your child continues to receive quality education effortlessly.

  • We are constantly uploading resources available online to support student progress and learning models.

  • We promise you are not alone, and we have a library of content and resources that we update weekly.

  • We provide resources that you and your student can really understand, not teacher jargon that can make you feel inadequate and unable to assist them.

  • We have a parent-teacher collaboration group where you can openly share your concerns and get support to push your child further academically.

  • We ensure students have online social interaction with other students their age to grant them social and emotional development opportunities. All tutoring and homeschooling sessions are held via Zoom. 

  • We lend a real chance to keep your child on track for the next grade level with expert teachers who will help your child succeed, but above all else, parents will have more support than ever to reduce your stress about your child’s education path.


Students who join our tutoring program receive:


  • (8) 1 Hour Online Tutoring Sessions Where Students Meet for 1 Hour Twice Each Week 

  • FREE Access to Computer Software Programs and Resources for Continual Student Learning 

  • Professional Parent Advocate at Your Service for Student Support

  • Email Homework Support from Tutors During Designated Office Hours

  • At Least 2 Direct Homework Assignments from Tutors Each Week

  • Sibling Discounts


We also offer ACT Prep Tutoring in Reading, English, Writing, and Math Algebra I Concepts! 


What Are Our Rates:


We are here to SERVE YOU.

We want to make paying as easy as possible for you all through our Automatic Pay As You Go Options for OPTIMAL SAVINGS!


Each Month of Service to Pay At Your Convenience:

___ $600/monthly



___ $300/bi-weekly

We are COMMITTED to seeing your child SUCCEED.

We currently have a waitlist for the 2022-2023 School Year. Sign up quickly to get your child enrolled.

(P.S. Please be advised that we do a screening for every family to ensure our program is a good fit for your student.)


— LaWanda Taylor-Hill

This tutoring program is the best that I have been able to find. Jasmine and her team really care about the children and the work they do with them. My daughter has shown significant improvement in her struggle areas just after a few tutoring sessions! I recommend Jasmine and her team to anyone looking for that perfect tutoring program!!