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Tutoring Should Be Simple

In Limitless Learning International’s Tutoring Program, we make our process SIMPLE and EASY for our students to show 80%+ Mastery after just one session. ⁣

Instead of taking your child through a complicated process during their first session, we use our FOUR STEP MODEL to ensure they are making sound progress and having fun at the same time! ⁣

Step 1: We Learn About Your Child and Your Family⁣

We thrive on building strong relationships with the people we serve. Through a strategic interest survey, we are able to tailor our program to your child’s needs as well as for your family structure. ⁣

Step 2: We Give Your Child an Engaging Assessment⁣

No, we do not ask of your child to sit for an entire hour to take an assessment to give us a pulse on their learning. Instead, we come up with ways to observe where your child is through standard based learning as we go. ⁣

Step 3: We Create an Interactive Lesson Based on Your Child’s Needs and Interests⁣

From the assessment, we take the initiative to create lessons that your students absolutely LOVE! They will go home talking about how much fun they have. ⁣

Step 4: We Follow Up with You to Provide an Overview of Our Findings with at Home Support Strategies ⁣

What’s really neat about our program is that we break things down so simply to where parents can fully understand exactly what is going on with their child. No need to google it! ⁣

Sounds like a program your child could use that won’t stress you out in the process?


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