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How to Prepare for Virtual Learning

Has your child’s school recently transitioned into virtual or distance learning, and you have no idea how this will work for you all?

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Parents have so many questions, doubts, and fears in regards to having their child be educated at home, and this is why we are here to give you comprehensive tips to help you stay afloat and keep your SANITY!

Discuss the Changes with Your Child

Create a safe space to have an open question and answer session with your child. Write down any questions they may have that should be answered by the program or teachers they are working with. This should be the time where you assure your child that they will be ok with the transition, and that you are there to support them along the way.

Consider the Technology and Materials They Will Need

Be sure you all have a working computer, internet, and materials needed as specified by your program. Ask for programs, usernames and passwords ahead of time to preview and log your student on. Having this practice of logging on and materials in place will make it much easier for your child to stay focused and calm during learning time because everything will already be prepared.

Decorate a Space for Your Child to Learn

Set up a specific space in your house and let your student decorate it with school-appropriate materials. You all will want to make this space fun and welcoming! They will spend quite a bit of time here, so let them get carried away in making it their own.

Did you find these tips helpful? Then go ahead and check out our latest podcast episode on The Real Homeschool Chat where we go in more depth to share how you can best support your child with virtual learning and/or homeschooling!


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