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How to Keep Your Students Engaged in Learning

When it comes to keeping students engaged in their learning online or in person during the middle of a pandemic, we know it can be downright difficult for parents and teachers!

That is why we put together our top four tips to help you and your students enjoy every aspect of learning to advance their achievement levels:

Get to Know Your Students

It is important to know your students on a personal level through a Student Interest Inventory Survey that we have created for you to use. What you want to do here is see what the child actually likes and incorporate that into the lessons and activities you are planning. This will make them want to teach you everything they know about the subject, and you can share more with them they have yet to learn. Students will be so surprised to see that you care and will pull them to want to continue learning all they can!

Be Invested Yourself

Even if this seems more like a "duh, I am interested in helping my child/students", it doesn't mean that you are as excited as they are. Students can fully pick up on your energy when it comes to working with them. The more you bring joy into the learning environment, the more they will sense your passion in a lesson and want to do what you do. Our students are only a reflection of us.

Take Engaging Learning Breaks

Be sure to give your students learning breaks that are actually enjoyable and meaningful. This means that they should be doing something that works towards their learning outcomes, but also is fun and interactive. You can check out activities like Go Noodle or Move to Learn. These activities get students moving, while having them incorporate ideas you all may be working to grasp.

Give Rewards for Positive Student Behaviors

More than anything, students want to be appreciated for the good things they are doing. A good way to keep this going is to give them rewards for staying engaged. Give them the rules to earn certain prizes that is teaching them the type of engaging behaviors you would like for them to model like staying focused or listening well. These rewards will become exciting for students and reinforce them to stay involved in the learning process.

If you would like more tips like these, then hop into The Real Homeschool Chat where we will answer all of your questions regarding teaching and learning!


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