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What The Pandemic is Really Doing to Students

Let us all be honest for a moment... Students will have been in and out of school for OVER THE PAST THREE SCHOOL YEARS. If you know anything about the impact two months of no instruction for just the summer has on student learning, then you can only imagine what is happening right now when it comes to the achievement gap for students. The truth is that more students are falling behind.

Falling behind is just the surface level.

The most frightening part is the reality of how long it will take for students to catch up. The way the pandemic is picking up speed, we highly doubt it will take a year of instruction.

This is going to have a lasting impact that will be felt for at minimum six years.

It is not just the instruction that has to help students catch up. We must be mindful of the emotional toll and shifts it has played in their minds regarding safety.

Even going back to school has been a huge adjustment. Students more than likely will not see a strong routine set in place for at least three months of consistency, which may or may not happen. Whether they come from the wealthiest or poorest families, there will be a decline in academic achievement. But what must be highlighted is that the achievement gap is really just OPPORTUNITIES.

That will be the real decline we will feel over the next few years. As I mentioned in my last Facebook post that can be found by clicking here, you will see all the opportunities tutoring has given me as a poor black girl in America growing up in the 90s and early 2000s. And here’s the thing, we must acknowledge that having quality instruction grants us the chance to level out the playing field. What field am I referring to? It’s the one that the educational system does not want you to talk about...SYSTEMIC RACISM and DISCRIMINATION. Systemic racism and discrimination plays a significant role in just how much we are able to accomplish in our country.

There are limits, for minorities, that have been set in place for centuries dating back to when the United States was just an exploration to Christopher Columbus. You see, the wealthiest families, and those that belong to the Caucasian group has a better chance at catching students up than those who are black and brown in impoverished areas. We need to ensure black and brown students and even students who live below the poverty line have a fighting chance to succeed even while this pandemic is happening. This is what they need... Basics Your child needs what they would normally receive while being in school all day - schedule, nutritious food, guidance, and support. If you all may be having trouble with attaining this or you know someone else who is, then check in with your local school district to see what programs are available for children at this time. Resources Your child needs to connect with the World Wide Web to gain appropriate resources for learning. We have created FREE support materials to help students in reading, language arts, and mathematics. Click here to grab them. Instruction Whether we would like to admit it or not, our children need quality instruction now more than ever to close the opportunity gap. If you would like your child to make major progress and gain more chances to succeed at life, then click here to contact Limitless Learning to see how we can help you all grow safely online!


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