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Colene Harvey

K-3 Math Teacher and Tutor

Mrs. Colene S. Harvey M.S. has been a professional educator for over 15 years. Originally from Wisconsin, she has grown up watching her grandmother achieve a lifelong dream of completing college and working as an elementary educator. Teaching feels like a family profession with over 4 relatives actively working within our nation's school districts across the county.

Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelors of Arts degree, Colene spent a great deal of time reading and watching historical documentaries as a history major. She would then go on to get her teaching degree and continue her education in Graduate School. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Masters of Science degree in Exceptional Education, Colene was excited to fully begin her teaching career. She has taught within the public school setting from 2007 to our current day.

She has taught for 8 years in Wisconsin before relocating to Phoenix, Arizona with her husband. She has escaped the cold, frigid temperatures and traded it in for year-round heat. Although the summer weather is quite extreme in Arizona, Colene believes it beats out the extreme winters in Wisconsin. In Arizona, Colene enjoys riding her bike in all 4 seasons, reading, playing table
tennis, bowling, and singing.

Teaching isn't Colene's only superpower, shortly after her move to Arizona, her family of 2 became a family of 3 as she became the mom to a very special young boy. Being a mom has brought new meaning into the word, teacher for Colene. She now experiences first hand what all teachers say to parents, "you are your child's first teacher." She truly believes this as her son
looks to her and his father for all the information he needs to have a fun, safe and productive day. She still absolutely loves teaching, enjoy’s navigating new educational programming and exploring curriculums. She also has enjoyed being a teacher in many new forms with our new advanced technologies. Finally, she is excited to be a part of the Limitless Learning team and to
meet all of you.

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