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Limitless Learning One-On-One Tutoring

  • 1 hour
  • Online Learning

Service Description

Do you just want an expert to show you how easy it is to really help your child with school while they are home so they don’t fall behind without feeling like you yourself need to go back to grade school? We have the perfect solution you even before “lockdown”! We excel and help students improve in all subject areas for kindergarten through twelfth grade students, as well as saving you time and energy. Our 30 minute one-on-one learning intensive drop in online sessions is only $55! We want to really look after you because you and your child deserve quality education even from home. What would you all be receiving? 📚 We have assessments to track where your students are academically instead of just guessing and following a plan you really don’t understand. 📚 We have intensive 1 hour sessions that targets your child’s specific needs so that we can streamline your effort to serve your child and save your sanity. 📚 We support parents by providing homework answer key, so there’s us guessing on your part and your child continues to receive quality education effortlessly. 📚 We are constantly uploading resources available online to support student progress and learning models. 📚 We promise you are not alone, and we have a library of content and resources that we update weekly. 📚 We provide resources that you and your student can really understand, not teacher jargon that can make you feel inadequate and unable to assist them. 📚 We lens a real chance to keep your child on track for the next grade level with expert tutors who will help your child succeed, but above all else, parents will have more support than ever to reduce your stress about your child’s education path. With all this jam packed value, we are sure your students will head back to school above where they should be... AND... They will enjoy learning, while developing habits and pride that will help them in the classroom and beyond! Imagine helping your child even more profoundly and getting the break you deserve for taking such good care of them.

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