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Doris Thomas

Doris Thomas

Founder/Owner's Loving and Supportive Mother


Doris Thomas is the Founder/Owner's mother, and she works to support Limitless Learning International in a variety of roles. These include organizing and cleaning working spaces, offering Jasmine words of encouragement, and being as loving as she can. Doris was the first person in her family to graduate from high school after dealing with years of hardships. She has overcome many challenges through her faith in God and belief that she deserved more to which she has passed down to her children. 


Since Jasmine was a child, Doris ensured Jasmine had all the love and attention, while also cultivating Jasmine's love for reading. Their many trips to the library gave Jasmine a knack for learning and achieving. From extremely humble beginnings, Doris and Jasmine's late father (Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.) would sit down and read college-level biographies with Jasmine that opened her mind to endless possibilities. Although they knew Jasmine was underprivileged with being in poverty, black, and a woman, they truly allowed Jasmine to know she was going to do great things in this lifetime.


Doris is thankful for the opportunity to continue working behind the scenes being supportive of Jasmine as Limitless Learning International expands past all limits. 

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