Teachers First Week Jitters

Do teachers have jitters during the first week of school? Absolutely! We have to make so many adjustments for our own schedules. We have to welcome in brand new children who we may not have a clue about knowing. We have lesson plans due, but we know we probably won't cover everything. Ahhhh!! 

This blog is to remind you that you are human. You are the best teacher in the world, but all of the stresses of teaching that you feel are normal. I have listed some mental notes to keep the stress down this year. 

1. Everything will not be in order the first week of school. 

Yep, I said it. Stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect. You're list of things to do will always be long and continue to grow. It's just a part of being a reflective teacher. You always want to do more for your students. 

2. It is what it is. 

There are going to be so many things going on during the first week of school. You'll be pulled out of class nonstop. You probably won't get through a lesson. You'll have to teach procedures longer than you would like. That is ok. Accept where you are and make a game plan to get back on track the next week. 

3. Extend grace and mercy to your own self. 

You more than likely always forgive colleagues, students, and parents. Yet, when you make one mistake, you beat yourself up. Nope, not this year! Love on yourself and understand that you are growing. 

Happy first week!!

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