Student Group Expectations

With students, you have to be as clear as possible with what you would like for them to do. This is especially true for valuable small group instruction. Teachers cannot waste these precious minutes, yet they realize they cannot do everything on their own. Strong teachers show students how to be independent and allow them to be leaders in the classroom. 

Aside from normal classroom jobs, I have created jobs for students during our Literature Circles, Math and Reading Stations, Writing Groups. Students will go over this chart at least ten times with intentional practice before I can truly focus on instruction. Effective practice makes the classroom better!  Secretary/Summarizer -Places work in Missing Work Folder when someone is absent.  -Gives a summary of a text using somebody, wanted, but, so, then.  Team Captain/Discussion Director  - Acts as the group speaker and ensures that everyone is taking turns, being fair, and sharing.  -Comes up with building questions (Bloom's Taxonomy) to ask the group for a discussion.  Material Manager/Character Captain  -Passes out and pick up materials during small group time.  -Describes the characters' traits, perspective, and motivation.  Volume Control Manager/Illustrator  -Holds up "Shh" signal to group members and makes eye contact to help team get on the correct voice level.  -Draws and labels pictures that describe the summary of the story.  Time Keeper/Word Wizard -Keeps track of time during small group activities.  -Uses context clues and resources to determine the meaning of words.  Super Helper/Word Wizard -Assists when someone in group needs help and fills in when someone is absent.  -Works with the Time Keeper in Literature Circles. 

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