Parent Teacher Communication

I know. Teachers are just trying to get back in the grove of school. What's the point of calling parents? Their kid has not done anything yet! Let's just have fun...

Nah! I highly recommend that every teacher contact every single students' parents within the first two weeks of school. It is essential. You can lesson plan all you want. You can run the best management plan, which will help. Nonetheless, parents know their kids. It's important that you make the time to learn your parents and kids simultaneously. You don't want to be that teacher who only says something when a student acts out. 

Today, I called a parent to connect and come up with a behavior intervention plan for their child because I could see there was a need already. The parent said, "I haven't gotten to know you yet, but I can tell you're a great teacher. I have never had a teacher call me so early in the year. You really care about my child. Thanks!" I was shocked. I assumed most teachers did that. Well, now I know that some don't. It makes a huge difference. Now, that parent will most likely work with me to help their child with low resistance. 

Here are a few ways I have connected to my parents: 

1. In my "Meet the Teacher" Centers' blog, I shared that I collected contact information for parents as well as parent and student surveys. I am guilty that I have not read all of the surveys just yet, but I plan to before the month of August is over. 

2. All my parents are using Remind Me 101 for mass communication texts and Google Voice for individual texts. They love it! I send updates almost daily for homework, compliments, and reminders. 

3. My parents receive weekly newsletters to keep them in the know of what we are doing for the week. 

4. I have contacted my parents already and said at least one positive thing about their child. So when I do have to call them about something their child is having a problem with, at least they know I'm not "picking" on their child. I will be consistent in calling for the positives and pushes for growth. 

Happy Teaching!

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