Meet the Teachers Centers

I am so proud to share that my first Meet the Teacher Night at Abney Elementary was a complete success!! I was so happy to meet all of my wonderful children and their parents. Originally, I wondered if I was overdoing it with the centers for parents. However, I was able to get a lot of pertinent information for every single one of my students to be successful this school year. Here's what I did: 

Station 1 - Sign In, Transportation, Pick a Seat, Store Supplies

This seemed like a lot to do at this station, but I had it all outlined in a checklist packet for the parent. 

•The sign in sheet was useful to see who came in, while the transportation was critical for the first day of school and the rest of the year. 

•Students were able to pick their own seats and write in their names with an Expo Marker on duck taped name tags. (Tip: Permanent name tags limit you on where you can move students. I will be doing a seating chart for the second week of school.) 

•Students stored content materials in their desks, while giving me whole class supplies like Kleenex and Paper Towels. 

Station 2 - Get to Know the Teacher 

•Parents and students received a letter telling more about myself. 

•Parents and students also received a contact card with all of my information. (Google Voice is great to use if you do not want to give out your personal phone number.) 

Station 3 - Contact Card, Student and Parent Survey

•Contact Cards are so important, in case you cannot get to the office to get student information. (Tip: Parent numbers will be in a 1 sheet document to go on my clipboard.) 

•Student and Parent Surveys make all the difference in the world! Who knows their kid better than a parent? This gave me tons of information on how to deal with specific students. (Tip: This information will be used to guide the seating chart, instruction, management, student workload, and the like. 

Station 4 - Extra Supplies and Volunteering 

•Parents signed up to bring in extra supplies. (Tip: Be clear about what you need in your classroom. My biggest need was for books, so I emphasized that most when parents were signing up.)

•I'll need parents at some time at the school. I had them pick what they would like to do in the classroom, school, or even from home. I had to give them various options to make the volunteering authentic to he parents. 

I apologize for not having any pictures. The set up was just like you would work stations/pictures in a normal classroom. All the resources I used to have parents fill out were free on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you would like the documents for next year, I would be happy to share them. Just comment below! 

Happy Teaching!

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