How to Predict Your Child's Future Success

One of the best ways to ensure your child has the greatest success in life is having them value the beauty of reading.

What does reading do for your child?

Reading Develops Your Child’s Vocabulary

-The more your child reads, the more words they will acquire! This aids in their learning of context, and also helps make them better writers!

Reading Develops Your Child’s Communication Skills

-Through reading, children become comfortable and identify appropriate communication skills within text and literature!

Reading Is Brain Food for Your Child

-Reading has been shown to enhance imagination, critical thinking skills, build comprehension skills, and boost creativity!

Reading Improves Your Child’s Listening Skills

-Through reading, children see and hear new words, which aids in their development of listening skills!

Reading Improves Your Child’s Socialization Skills

-This is especially true when reading fiction! Children learn not only appropriate ways to socialize, but also identify with feelings of characters within literature!

Reading Improves Your Child’s Relationships

-Not only through increased communication and socialization skills, but also from repeated text through choral reading (reading and learning songs, excerpts of speeches)!

Reading Gives Your Child the Chance to Have a Better Life

-Reading assists children in making sense of what they hear and see, and helps prepare them academically for all subjects in the future!


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